Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On My Way - A Tale of Two Pillowcases

The other night, I decided to wrap up loose ends on a couple projects. *in best southern drawl wrought in facetious humor * Surprise, surprise...

This, will tell you A LOT about me...I am like Dory from 'Finding Nemo'. When I would sew, if I found something else that would hold my interest a half-second longer than my current project, I would abandon  thus said project, and start anew. I have found I am like that with a lot of things. I start something fun and exciting until the next 'latest and greatest' strikes my fancy and I drop everything for the new and improved project. The one I swear I will finish, come hell or high-water!

And then...I tuck it away in my ever-growing pile of WIP (Works In Progress). There, it will sit, like a discarded toy, and it will wait (patiently) for me to pick it up and FINISH it.

With a new machine under my belt from my dear, sweet husband, I decided the WIP pile would end!

I pulled out two lonely pillowcases I had started for the kids last Christmas and never finished (don't judge me, they got two other Christmas cases last year! ;) ).

The first case is a standard size in Beatles print with a dark pink Moda Marble edge, while the 2nd case is a King-size case with Little Miss fabric (mfr unknown) and a gold star burst on purple edge (mfr unknown).

Until the next time...Happy stitching!
~The Pin-up Quilter <3

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